October is recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness month and this month hosts many annual events to support the cause. Event planners across the country are working hard to turn these events pink with pride. Whether it be a 5k walk or a Gala, we know there are decorative needs to make your event a success for survivors and supporters alike. 

One of our favorite event accessories is the Hot Pink Carpet.  This carpet has no limits in terms of what it can be used for.  It is a great entrance carpet, the perfect step & repeat carpet and more.  Due to the high quality and integrity of our carpet, we provide cleaning and care advice to keep this carpet in good shape for October's to come!


Hot Pink Carpet Runner
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Breast Cancer event ideas are endless and Red Carpet Entrances has some great ways to turn our products into revenue generators for your fundraiser.  Many times, event planners or party planners feel as though they don't have the budget to add in a beautiful step & repeat, but what if we told you that we can teach you it can MAKE YOUR FUNDRAISER MONEY


Dinner Party, Gala or Fundraiser


Pink Stanchion Rope
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Our Breast Cancer Awareness Step and Repeat Backdrops matched with our Hot Pink Carpet is a great way to make your guests feel important at your next dinner party or gala. Guests will step onto the carpet at your gala or party and take memorable photos of their experience that evening.  

 However, we believe there is a lot more to the Step and Repeat than photographs. We believe and have PROOF you can help raise money for your event through sponsorship. Each of those logos you’ve seen on the Hollywood Red Carpets aren’t there just for fun, they are there for MONEY! Yes! You heard me correctly.  If you have a high traffic event, where a local paper or news program will pick up the event for coverage, then you can sell each logo on the back of the step and repeat for a Sponsorship and cover the cost of the step & repeat expense.

Here you can read more about where the most valuable real estate on a step & repeat backdrop is.

The best placed logo, the bigger the Sponsor! Now all of the hundreds of photos taking both professionally and on each guests phones are on the local newspapers, the 5 pm news, the 200+ guests personal Instagram and Facebook pages.  

We don’t want this to be an expense, we want it to be a lucrative money-maker!!

Now that you understand that this shouldn't be an expense, let's talk about other needs for your event! I mean, where does it end? There are endless opportunities to wow those guests.  Do you need crowd control or stanchions? Our LED stanchions can be set to pink to illuminate your entrance or crowd control or maybe, our pink rope is the perfect accent for those stanchion posts you already have.

Runs, Walks and Other Outdoor Events


There are thousands of outdoor runs and walk events for the cause each October and they require a lot of planning! Whether it be a registration table in need of a table cover that can endure those windy, fall days that help show your guests where to check in or feather flags to mark the start line, finish line or mile marker. Consider getting the flags or the table covers sponsored by a local community business.

As event professionals, we can help bundle your needs to show consistency among events or just help replace those flags that may have gone missing since last years event. See below a list of items that we've seen other charity events purchase for a complete look:

  • Vinyl Banners
  • Vinyl Mesh Banners
  • Table Covers & Throws
  • Collapsing Easel
  • Yard Signs
  • Coroplast Outdoor Signs
  • Retractable Banners
  • Canopy Tents and more

We hope this provides some great fundraising and event planning ideas for your next Breast Cancer Awareness event!  If you have further questions on using our products to fund raise, please contact us