Double Sided Carpet Tape

Polyken Carpet Installation Tape
Polyken Carpet Installation Tape Rolls
Polyken Carpet Installation Tape
Polyken Carpet Installation Tape Rolls

Double Sided Carpet Tape


75FT / 25YD roll of polyken 105c double-sided carpet tape.

A temporary carpet tape with blue-liner for installation of runner carpets and event rugs. Do NOT duct tape your event carpet - it not only looks bad but will tear fibers out of the surface of your carpet when you have to remove it.

Attach this double-sided tape to the nylon backing on the reverse side of your carpet before securing it to the ground. You will be able to reuse your carpet without damaging your product or the floor!

Warning: Do NOT install this on painted floors - it may damage the surface. This is the ONLY problematic surface to be cautious of. The tape works great on any surface above 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Do NOT use carpet tape on painted floors - paint will strip!! All other surfaces are okay, both indoor and outdoor. 

Professional Tips

  • Do NOT cut tape, tear it with your hands. This will make it easier to separate the blue liner from the tape itself.

  • If you have trouble with the blue liner, use a car key or razor blade to scuff the surface of the blue liner. Pull blue liner up towards the sky and liner will separate from tape.

  • Keep tape out of extreme heat. It is super strong and will melt things together.

  • Download our event carpet installation diagram.

Outdoor Installations

Use in temperatures above 35 degrees. Under 35 degrees and the tape will not stick to any surface.