difference between event carpet and regular carpet

Event carpet is virtually the same as a commercial or household/building carpet and has the typical nylon backed (cross hatching) for support. However, the biggest difference is that we dye the rugs more unusual, bold, and bright colors. Traditional carpets typically don't have the bold colors you see in our offering and we custom cut and bind it to any specific size & shape.

If you were ordering standard commercial or "regular" carpet, you'd most likely be required to purchase set rolls or a minimum square footage. When purchasing event carpet, you are able to purchase smaller dimensions to fit your exact needs. 

In short - the biggest differences are:

  • Propriety dyes, providing bolder and brighter colors than typical commercial carpet.
  • The cut is more specific to your needs and there is no minimum square footage.
  • Our carpet is American Made,  which is important to ensure highest quality of the twisted nylon fibers.