Is an aisle runner necessary decor? No. It is a "want to have" item, not a "need to have" item.

We find brides & grooms are seeking an aisle runner for (1) of these (4) reasons:

1. Enhance Experience

Ambiance and experience are important to them - they want to set the tone from the start for their guests. They want to walk / experience the same red carpet entrance celebrities walk on just once in their life.

2. Themed Weddings

They want to follow a specific theme, such as a Hollywood themed wedding. Red Carpets for weddings are becoming a popular decor item. In addition to Hollywood red carpet weddings couples doing 1950's Wedding Theme / 1960's Wedding Theme, Big Band Weddings, Mad Men Themed Weddings, and International Weddings seem to love having a red carpet experience. Plus, having a red aisle runner or red carpet runner will make for great photos!

3. Cover Wedding Venue Carpet

They want to cover existing venue floor or carpet. Lets face it - wedding venues do not update their appearance as often as they should. Often times their carpet choice is just plain bad. (Especially Country Clubs, right?) Aisle runners for the wedding ceremony, area rugs for the wedding reception, and carpet runner for your DIY wedding photo booth are all popular uses of carpet.

4. Religious / Spiritual Runways

Many clients wish to walk on a white aisle runner or white carpet runner to symbolize purity for their spiritual, religious, or traditional reasons.

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