Hot Pink Carpet Runner

This is an ultra bright magenta carpet. While not quite "hot pink" this is one of the most vibrant pink carpets you will find. We specifically dye it for special events. It is popular among our clients who do fundraisers, walks, and cancer awareness events. Great for Cinco De Mayo, Mari Gras, and other vibrant / lively events! Sweet 16 birthdays, baby showers, wedding receptions, etc. If you are concerned about color / theme matching please request a free sample via our contact us page.

hot pink runner carpet
magenta carpet runner
TechsyTalk Pink Event Carpet
Hot Pink Carpet Runner
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Our hot pink carpet runner (magenta) is the brightest pink event carpet, a sister-product to our World famous CelebRed™ the brightest red carpet. We use a proprietary dye to achieve this ultra-vibrant, piñata pink event carpet.

Plush magenta carpet runner, specifically designed for events and venues.

  • Nylon reinforced back
  • Hand sewn bound edges
  • Custom cut to any size

All our event carpets are custom cut to order. Any size is available, please contact us if your required size is not listed. 

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pink runner carpet

Pink Carpet Runner

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