There are plenty of ways to keep your logo mat looking clean and fresh! First, break up dirt that may be caked or soiled to the fibers by using a soft/medium bristle broom. You can then clean your logo mat like new by using a hose or power washer - depending how dirty we're talking here! 

If using a power washer, please keep the nozzle a few inches away while spraying to keep it safe for you and to avoid damage. When drying, you could leave the mat flat, but for fastest results drape it over a railing or hang it outside in direct sunlight. If drying indoors, you can use a fan to help expedite the drying process. You can also hand scrub, vacuum, or use a carpet cleaner.

For long-term care and durability, avoid harsh cleaning chemicals. Over time chemicals can eat away at the rubber which willl break down the appearance of your mat.

How To Clean Logo Mat

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