About Logo Rugs

  • Higher Pile - Longer Fibers (Soft to Walk On)
  • Logos are In-Laid vs. Printed
  • Logos Need to Be Simple:  Less Design and Color Complexity
  • Require Slightly Larger Dimensions for Your Logo’s Readability
  • Nylon Backed with Bound Edges
  • Designed for Special Event / Promotional Use
  • Can Be Made Up to 12ft+ wide and 100ft+ Long

Higher Pile

Pile refers to the individual carpet fibers length and how loose the fibers are. A higher pile rug provides a softer / plush walking experience. You will literally feel the cushion / comfort under your feet. A shag carpet would be considered a "high pile" rug. Logo rugs typically have a medium pile finish, meaning they lay flatter than a shag rug, but much higher than a logo mat.

Logo In-Lay

Logos are in-laid into your rug. What does this mean? Your logo is converted to a stencil and the shapes are cut out of different colors of carpet runners. All of these carpet pieces are then seamlessly bound together to create your logo rug. Think of a puzzle - you have a bunch of pieces in a box and then you assemble it to create a final image. The lines and gaps between pieces won't be noticeable - just food for thought on how it is created / assembled into a final product.

Simple Logos Rule

A carpet in-lay requires a carpet artist to literally piece your rug together like a puzzle. Therefore, logos typically need to be made up of simple shapes and imagery. Intricate weaving of shapes, colors, and gradients make for hours and hours of labor intensive work - if even possible. The more labor intensive the design, the more a logo rug costs. Labor can often outweigh the material costs of a logo rug. Therefore it is best to utilize less complex logos, details, and less colors or to purchase for the most special of events like trade shows, anniversaries, galas, etc. If you require a very detailed image, a printed logo mat may be the better alternative. Check out the photo above - it took a carpet artist hours and hours to cut those fine blue lines and in-lay each. The result is amazing, but it gets extremely labor intensive.

Logo Rugs Require Working Space

Again, due to the fact a logo rug is made up of pieces being compiled together, there needs to be enough physical room to fit your logo on the rug. Logo rugs under 4FT wide and 8FT long can be difficult to create via an in-lay method. Carpet isn't like paper or canvas - it is challenging to cut into precise and accurate shapes. The less accurate a cut, the less readability your logo / text will have. Therefore you may be asked to slightly increase the dimensions of your desired rug size to fit your logo on it. If your logo was squeezed onto a very small rug, it would lose clarity / definition and look more like hieroglyphics than text and shapes. If you require small dimensions, a logo mat may be a better fit because they are digitally printed with much greater accuracy.

Nylon Backing & Bound Edges

Logo rugs are made up of medium pile carpet material with standard nylon backing. Nylon backing reinforces the carpet fibers in place. However, it is NOT designed to be non-slip or "stay in place" vinyl/rubber backing like a logo mat has. Your logo rug should be secured to the ground using carpet installation tape on the nylon backing. Do NOT tape the surface of your logo rug or you may destroy the binding and pull the fibers out of the carpet upon removing the tape. Always use double-sided carpet installation tape to avoid damage and get the most life out of your logo rug. Check out our How To Install Event Carpet video for a more detailed look.

Logo Rug Sizes

Logo rugs are available in sizes 8ft 9" wide up to 100ft long. Larger logo rugs can be made, but FedEx / UPS won't accept rugs over 8ft 9" wide for standard shipping. Special freight delivery must be arranged for larger rug sizes and it can get very expensive, very quickly!

Logo Rugs are Good For

  • Trade Shows and Exhibits
  • Special Events and Promotions
  • Red Carpet Style Entrances and Premieres
  • Point of Sale Displays
  • Less Frequent / Occasional / Special Event Use

Logo Rug Pricing – How Are They Quoted?

  • Dimensions of Rug
  • Number of Colors
  • Number of Cuts Required (Logo Complexity)
  • Frequency of Logos (# of Logos)
  • Hours of Labor to Produce

Special Notes for Logo Rugs

  • Indoor use or nice weather outdoor use ONLY.
  • Do NOT tape the surface of these rugs – ONLY tape the underside with carpet installation tape.
  • Logo rugs should ALWAYS be secured to prevent damage from foot traffic.

About Logo Mats

  • Low Pile – Short Fibers (Harder Walking Surface)
  • Logos are Digitally Printed
  • Logos Can Be Complex in Shape, Design, Colors, and Gradients are Possible
  • Mats Can Be Smaller with Good Readability. Still Display Your Logo Clearly at Smaller Dimensions
  • Vinyl or Rubber Backing and Cleating Available
  • Logo Mats Can be Made in Weather Scraper / Heavy-Duty Outdoor Versions
  • Superior Durability and Designed for Everyday Use
  • Can Be Made Up 6ft wide and 40ft Long

Low Pile / No Pile

Logo mats have really little to no pile - they lay super flat to the ground. There is little comfort or cushion under your feet. There is definitely no "walking experience" like a logo rug or red carpet runner gives you. The logo mat's primary function is to stay in place, catch dirt, debris, and moisture from heavy foot traffic. It is an easy and affordable way to brand your business, office, or venue's entrance.

Logo Mats Are Printed

Logo mats are digitally printed using a machine that looks like a giant desktop printer. Standard logo mats print with up to 25 colors. HD logo mats print with up to 150 colors. Printing allows for unmatched accuracy and details in design.

Logo Mat Backing

Logo mats can be backed with standard vinyl/rubber (smooth) for use on any surface or cleated (grip) for use on existing carpeted surfaces.

Logo Mat Types

Standard logo mats and HD logo mats are a great all around products for branding your indoor, outdoor, and front desk areas.

If you need additional weather / water / debris control, rubber scraper mats and water-trap entrance mats can also be outfitted with your logo. These mats are primarily designed to keep your entrance clean and dry. They feature extra surface area and water dams to trap dirt and moisture from entering your venue.

There are also rug/mat hybrids like the berber logo mat or water-trap logo mat varieties where the top surface is rug fiber and the backing / finish is that of a rubber mat. These combine the look of a carpet with the durability of a mat! 

Logo Mat Durability

All custom logo mats have superior durability to logo rugs and can be used every day for heavy foot traffic. They can also be cleaned using a hose and hung to dry.

Logo Mat Sizes

Custom logo mats are available in sizes up to 6FT wide and 40FT long.

Logo Mats are Good For

  • Business and Office Entrances
  • Front Desks and Lobbies
  • Bars / Restaurants / Stores
  • Indoor / Outdoor Areas - Scraping Debris From Feet
  • Everyday Use and Heavy Foot Traffic

Logo Mat Pricing - How Are They Quoted?

  • Dimensions of Mat/Rug
  • Number of Colors (25 color or 150 color spectrum)

Special Notes for Logo Mats

  • Multiple Weather and Debris Scraping Types / Options.
  • Great for Indoor and Outdoor Use.  All Weather Conditions.
  • Superior Overall Durability and Life. 

Carpet Decals are an Affordable Alternative

Carpet Decals / Carpet Stickers / Floor Graphics are a great alternative to logo rugs and logo mats. They enable you to brand your special event entrance at a fraction of the cost of producing a custom rug!

Custom vinyl adhesive is printed in full color HD and can easily be applied to your runner carpet like a giant sticker! We DO NOT install/apply these for you, as they would damage / crease / wrinkle in transit. Check out this example used at a trade show:

Carpet Decal Sticker

Still have questions?

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