Hello Ottawa!

Red Carpet Entrances is THE source for authentic and premium red carpet runners and event rugs!

Our carpet runners are used by major events, award shows, and venues like the Met Gala, Grammys®, The White House, etc.

Looking to Rent a Red Carpet?

We see you are looking to rent a red carpet for your upcoming event in/near Ottawa and we would love to help you!

Unfortunately, we are located in New York, and we don't have a red carpet rental team located near you. DON'T let that get you down though because we help customers all over the World every day and we can still help you!

Quite honestly, we can help you greater than any rental company near you because we know event carpet better than anyone!

Did You Know Buying Red Carpet is Cheaper than Renting Red Carpet?

You see - for most events, it's NOT all that hard to install a red carpet runner, and it's NOT all that expensive to buy the real, legit rug!

Most people just can't swallow the idea that buying a red carpet runner is ACTUALLY cheaper than renting a red carpet runner. No matter how many times we have tried to explain this idea to potential customers, it does not resonate with them!

It's because the perceived value of the red carpet is set so high!

It's something we all deem luxurious and expensive, so therefore it MUST be!

So our mind says "I can't afford one, so I'll rent one!" Here check this red carpet out below, starting at $97.20 (USD) for a (3)FT W x 10FT L!

This is the EXACT same professional grade event rug we use at all of our New York City installs.

Red Carpet Runner
from 97.20
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Shipping Carpets To Canada

We ship carpets to Canada all the time! The most important thing you need to know is that you need a shipping agent / broker to act upon your behalf. We can utilize FedEx as the broker and do so by default. If you have your own shipping account with FedEx and/or UPS please provide the number. Otherwise we can also accept private freight / courier accounts or a freight forwarding address in the USA. We are happy to work with you to ship your order however you see fit! The fastest way we can get a rug into Canada is International Economy via FedEx. This typically takes (4) days total door-to-door!

How to Order (International Customers Only)

Please contact us with your delivery address!


We must first run a shipping estimate! This is required for ALL INTERNATIONAL orders. Please contact us with your exact address!

We will e-mail you a custom invoice which you can pay with any major credit card. You simply click the link, pay the invoice, and done! You will NOT be able to order directly via the website. We want to help you 1-on-1 to make sure we get the shipment to you and through customs on time!

The Secret of Red Carpet Rentals

We also want to let you in on a little secret...

When we do full-service installations and carpet rentals in New York City, we use brand new rugs each time! No matter what the event!

The truth is YOU, the customer, are ALREADY paying for the new rugs anyways.

You pay enough to cover buying all new rugs in your rental & installation costs.

No, not every rental company does it this way, but then again not every rental company has built a reputation like we have!

This is the reason our installations look perfect.

This is the reason we get hired to to work for the biggest, coolest, and best in the World.

This is the reason we rose to the top of our industry.

We care.

We especially care how you look.

And we care how your event looks because it is an extension of YOU!

We cannot, in good faith, rent you a previously used rug.

The rug MUST be equally as glamorous as what Hollywood shows on TV or why would you even pay for it?

Do we broadcast "NEW RUGS!" to our rental customers?

No, because they already see the difference in our red carpet installations vs. every other rental company out there.

It's BECAUSE of this noticeable and visible difference that they choose to hire us over everyone else time and time again.

You and your event deserve this same white glove treatment as if you were here in New York working with us.

That's why we are being honest with you. The truth is, in Ottawa, it's NOT worth renting red carpet!

Sure, you CAN rent one, but more than likely you will be renting the dirt, glitter, food, gum, wine stains, and whatever else is glued to the fibers from the previous event too! (This isn't the packaged deal you were asking for, haha!)

Do It Yourself Red Carpet Events

Seriously - just buy a carpet, you won’t regret it!

Use the drop-down menu on the red carpet runner page to compare the costs. Go ahead, call around!

Your local rental company probably won’t even have the size rug you are looking for!

We can custom cut any size runner or area rug you need. Even sizes not listed! We don’t stock pre-cut sizes. We don’t believe in one size fits all.

We custom cut every rug within (24) hours of your payment, on-demand.

Every rug is bound so it looks picture perfect and doesn't fray.

All custom runners, rugs, and carpets typically deliver to Ottawa in just (4) days via FedEx International Economy.

Red Carpet Event Installation

To make installing the rug easier for our customers, we created an instructional video to watch - How To Install Event Carpet.

We also provide you an Event Carpet Installation Diagram to follow that utilizes this carpet installation tape.

We try to keep it all as fool-proof as possible.

So even if you don't know what you are doing, you will, because we show you how!

What event rental company in Ottawa or Canada can offer you the same?

All we are asking for is a chance to make this easy for you!

We understand if you are intimated by having to do the carpet installation yourself, but it’s not hard, and it’s WAY better than getting stuck with a rented rug or color that you may not like!

Let us help you roll out a brand new red carpet with the support of our team here at!

Remember, renting a red carpet is actually just buying someone else's dirty one and not getting to keep it.

Please contact us if you have any questions or call and leave a message. We’ll respond ASAP!

We appreciate you considering us helping you all the way from New York!