Our red carpet is what you are looking for - an ultra bright, super vibrant, really red carpet runner. It is great for Hollywood themed events, parties, grand openings, venues, etc. We also stock 25+ event carpet colors.

Red Carpet Runner
from 97.20

Our red carpet runner is the highest quality event carpet manufactured in the USA. Specifically manufactured for Hollywood themed events and entrances. We use a proprietary red dye to achieve this bold and vibrant color. This same carpet is used by major events, galas, trade shows, and movie premieres around the World. If you need to create a VIP experience - this is the commercial grade rug we roll out for the A-List celebrities!

Red carpet runner, specifically designed for special events and venues.

  • Flat carpet with plush twisted nylon fibers

  • Durable nylon reinforced backing / webbing

  • Hand sewn bound edges - polished look

  • Custom cut to any size

Every carpet runner and area rug is custom cut to order and sold by the square foot. Any size is available, please contact us if your required size is not listed. We DO NOT stock pre-cut sizes. Every order is quickly created in an on-demand format.

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