Event Carpet Trick - “Horseshoe” Binding

When a large carpet is purchased for an event space, it shouldn’t be shipped in one piece for multiple reasons.

The first reason being is that shipping weight and height rules for standard UPS/FedEx do exist. The second reason being the fact you do not want a few hundred pound carpet delivered to your site and expect those around you to be carrying a rug of that size for safety reasons. Of course, there is always freight shipping which often occurs but your facility needs to be able to accept freight deliveries (think loading dock, fork lifts, etc).

So now you may ask- How do I get my extra large carpet! I need it!

There is a practice called Horseshoe Binding that Red Carpet Entrances promotes for large carpet orders. Not only do we promote it, we do this for no extra charge once we receive your approval. This process begins when we receive a carpet order that seems to be an above average width and height.

The first step we take is to divide up the dimensions in the most functional way. We think of shipping costs and the sheer labor it will take to carry this carpet. We then propose this to our clients with the diagram above. We show which sides would NOT be bound to ensure a very clean and flush look. That means depending on the layout, only 3 of the edges of each carpet will be bound.

If you’re planning an event with a carpet of great size and want to reuse the carpets individually at a later date, we’d agree that this isn’t the best option for you. Depending on the size carpet, we still however may need to send you multiple carpets to form the size you’re looking for. However, please note our binding is roughly 1/4 inch wide, so even if bound on all edges it won’t create a terribly intrusive appearance.

At Red Carpet Entrances, we custom cut and bind each carpet to order so rest assured we will assist you in planning the best event and look possible for your situation! If you have a question on carpet binding for your situation, please contact us here

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