Wedding Aisle Runner Rental

At this point you are probably debating the pros and cons of buying or renting an aisle runner for your wedding ceremony.

Long story short, you don't need one! If you want one to enhance your experience, your guest experience, and make for cool photo opportunities, then buy one, don't rent one!  


Don't Rent an Aisle Runner

We do not rent aisle runners and we also do not recommend renting an aisle runner on your wedding day. 

Event rugs get absolutely filthy! Cake, wine, cigarettes, high heel marks, dirt, gravel, glitter. Do you need more reasons as to why rental company rugs always look like hell?

The reason event carpet on TV always looks great is because its always brand new! Every major award show, every major gala, every premiere, the carpet is brand new! At the end of the night, it is thrown out - never to be used again. If you want that same look & treatment, buy a runner! If you keep it in good enough condition, you can always sell it to another couple getting married!

With the number of aisle runner options available online, at all different level budgets, an aisle runner is an item worth buying new, or not having at all!